World Peace Meditation
World Peace Meditation

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    The world is crying out for peace. People are increasingly asking: what can I do for peace? What can I do about wars, conflict and suffering?

    It all starts in the mind. If we are not peaceful in our own mind, how can we be at peace with those around us?

    How can I calm my mind – the answer is meditation.
    “Meditation is that technique that puts us in touch with ourselves. Meditation is that inward journey to find peace.” -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

    To enable people to contribute to Peace in the world. Start by building peace in yourself and with those around you.

    To empower people to experience peace. You can gain insight and experience of peace in your everyday life – follow the 40 step Path to Peace

    Contribute your 20 minutes to World Peace on 21 September. Millions will take part in UN Peace Day, 21 September. The heart of the app is the guided World Peace Meditation on 21 September. This meditation is synchronised worldwide. Imagine the ripple of peace from each of us building into a huge wave of peace that makes a difference in the world!

    Flexibility of Peace on your mobile app. With the World Peace app, you can access peace and contribute to peace wherever you are worldwide, whatever else is going on around you. Download peace to get the app in your hands right now. Peace Day Every Day. It’s all on the app.

    Make every day a peace day!